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Chinese Medicine

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Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine


Established in 1959, Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine, which is situated in Xianyang, was one of the first colleges of traditional Chinese medicine in the northwest of China for fostering advanced medicine and pharmaceutical workers.


The University not only has formed a whole education system to train the advanced personnel oftraditional Chinese medicine, including the education of undergraduate, graduate, adult, and foreign students, but also has a large scale, offering 15 postgraduate programs, 19 undergraduate programs, and 8 courses of professional training academic programs. It integrates education, medical service and scientific research into itself.


source: www.chinatefl.com






Xianyang Tumour Hospital


With a characteristic of combining traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, Xianyang tumour hospital is a world-famous specialized institution for tumour therapy. Integrating with tumour scientific research, clinical treatment, medicine research and drug manufacture, It was permitted to found by Xianyang Board of Health and now is a member of Shaanxi Branch of elder health care association of China, anti-cancer Association of China and also the first "nominated hospital eligible to treat foreign tumour patients" in Xianyang city. It is the clinical base of tumour prevention and treatment institute of Xianyang City.


Xianyang tumour hospital locates in the urban district of Xianyang City with exact technology, advanced equipment, convenient traffic and clean environment, which covers 100 mu. There are about 300 beds, separately allocated in ordinary ward, high-class ward and foreign patient award. The total investment in Qubing medical building was 50 million Yuan, and the architecture area of this building is 25000 m2.


source: www.tumorchina.com




























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